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Open Possitions

Senior Structural Design and Analysis Chief Engineer


·    Manage a structural engineering team having the responsibilities of airframe structural design and analysis activities such as; producing airframe structural configuration layouts and detail designs including preliminary sizing/stress analysis, joint layouts, interface boundary definitions of parts and assemblies employing metallic and composite materials
·    Approve CAD solid models and drawings of installations, assembly and detail components that meet all requirements such as structural integrity, interface boundaries, weight and cost targets.
·    Approve structural analysis reports including activites of DFEM or GFEM modeling, hand calculations, methods and principles in the framework of the project.
·    Manage the Interfaces with internal and external customers to present design development outputs, procurement and manufacturing to facilitate transition from design to production.
·    Manage the customer requirements and have the ultimate responsibility for the proof of compliance documents and models.

·    Graduation from Mechanical, Aircraft, Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering departments
·    Knowledge and experience in CAD design tools
·    Deep knowledge in principles of CAE Structural Analysis tools and methods
·    Deep knowledge, expertise and competence in overall aircraft/rotorcraft design in terms of architecture, integration and certification principles.
·    Knowledge and experience of airworthiness requirements relevant to aircraft and rotorcrafts, i.e. CS.2X.
·    Have good communication and negotiations skills.
·    Min. 10 years of experience in the relevant areas.

·    MSc or Phd in relevant areas
·    Previous structural analysis and/or design experience with Design Task Responsibility of ATA 53 Chapter.

Senior Gearbox Design Engineer


The drivetrain design engineer has the following capabilities for aerospace gearboxes.

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering (Master's PhD Degree would be an asset),

  • Knowledge of power transmission systems and components such as gears, bearings, shafts, splines etc. Working experience in the aerospace industry would be an asset,

  • Expertise in the creation of mechanical designs (3D/2D CAD designs), technical drawings and required internal documentation,

  • Good level knowledge of 3D CAD software such as CATIA or Siemens NX, knowledge of PLM would be an asset,

  • Knowledge of gearbox design software such as SMT MASTA, Kisssoft, Romax and Gleasontools would be an asset,

  • Good level knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T),

  • Good level of English,

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills,

  • Ability to work in teams or independently

Senior Gearbox Manufacturing Engineer


Manufacturing engineer has the following capabilities for aerospace gearboxes.

  • Detail machining operations of forging and complex casting components

  • Rough machining (stock for grinding / special processes)

  • Rough machine gear teeth

  • Expertise in how to control distortion due to machining or free quench of heat treatment

  • Expertise in how to manage the components with less stock

  • Expertise in heat treatment processes (copper plating, masking removing copper, glass bead blasting)

  • Expertise in surface improvement processes (shot peening and superfinishing)

  • Finish machining (gear teeth, threads, journals, and all features)

  • Details of lateral, plunge, and vertical grinding of tight tolerance components

  • Mass finish and cleaning operations

  • Evaluation and review of suppliers for special processes, tooling, and fixture

  • Coordination and support of key suppliers for preparation for manufacturing

Senior Gearbox Assembly Engineer


Assembly engineers have the following capabilities for aerospace gearboxes.

  • Ensuring proper installation of gears, bearings, packings, mating components, liners, and bushing

  • Installation of Packings and Seals

    • Expertise in the consistent lubrication of packing (Boelube or Oil)

    • Expertise in uniform stretching

    • Expertise in that packing isn’t twisted in groove

    • Expertise in that seal lips properly greased and installed to the desired depth

  • Installation of Bearings

    • Ensure proper seating of the bearing with measurements

    • Details of using heat/cool or press

  • Installation of Gears

    • Knowledge of gear shim procedure

    • Measurement of backlash and patterns

  • Sealing and bonding application and cure

  • Sufficient knowledge about preservation of gearboxes, corrosion protection and NDI

  • Sufficient knowledge about how to use the consumables such as grease, coating, touch up.

  • Sufficient knowledge about assembly area environmental conditions

  • Guide assembly personnel for the requirements of the B/P

Senior Quality Engineer


Following capabilities are expected in the field of aerospace gearbox design or development. 

  • Dimensional inspections

    • Knowledge about especially (ASME Y.14.5, ASME B.46.1)

    • CMM (Gear Measurement System, Zeiss CMM with gear modules )

    • Bench inspection, functional gages

  • Non-destructive inspections

    • Magnetic particle, penetrant, Barkhausen noise, and nital etch inspections for gear components

    • X-ray, penetrant, and eddy current inspections for housing components

Material and Process Engineer


Following capabilities are expected in the field of aerospace gearbox design or development.

  • Reviews and approves transmission system engineering drawings’ for M&P perspective.

  • Creates, maintains, interprets, and applies transmission system M&P specifications (casting, forging, copper plating, heat treatment, NDT, nital etching, and corrosion protections like anodizing, cadmium plating, Zn-Ni plating, passivation etc.)

  • Ability to comprehend and apply EASA regulations, technical guidance and requirements for transmission design during certification and production phases

  • Responsible for driving qualification effort band design allowable management, including the development of qualification specifications, written test plan, and reports

  • Non-Destructive Testing Expertise in transmission component (Eddy Current, FPI, MPI, Barkhausen Noise Inspection, etc.)

  • Expertise in the acceptance criteria of NDT

  • Expertise in the concessions regarding special processes like nital etching, copper plating and NDT criteria

  • Expertise in the qualification of helicopter transmission components on M&P aspects

Senior MRB Engineer


Following capabilities are expected in the field of aerospace gearbox design or development.

  • Discrepancy detection of transmission components

  • Discrepancy classification of transmission components

  • Engineering concessions’ evaluation about transmission components

  • Disposition instructions of transmission components

Transmission discrepant components have features that do not conform to the drawing requirements and/or engineering design intent, whether it be because of damage, manufacturing errors, FOD.

  • Gearbox Housing Castings

  • Detail Level Housing

  • Gears, Bearings, Shafts

  • Stud Liner Assemblies

  • Main Module Assembly

Some categories of discrepancies are:

  • Nicks / Dents / Scratches

  • Corrosion

  • FOD

  • Incorrect Marking

  • Improper Finish / Coating

  • False cut / Tool gouge

  • Non-cleanup / Insufficient Stock, Surface Finish

  • Casting Core Passage Anomalies

  • No/Low Carburization

  • NDI (Nondestructive Inspection) Failure

  • Processing Issue

  • Incorrect Order of operations

  • Improper Hardware Installation / Assembly Material

  • B/P Dimension