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Manufacturing & Services

Turkish Aerospace Hamburg (TAI GmbH & Co. KG) is an EN 9100 / ISO 9001 Certified Supplier for Aerospace OEMs. TA Hamburg is the front of the Turkish Aerospace Industries in Europe, as well as the supplier of Airbus for the assembly works of the A320 rudders. At its headquarters in Stade, TA Hamburg is responsible for the line feed logistics services to Airbus for the A320, A330, and A350 programs. In addition, TA Hamburg offers Out-located / Out-standing services for Airbus and Airbus suppliers.

Our Services

To establish long term and trusted partnerships with our clients. Supporting them in their business objectives that require sustainable and agile services having multi-disciplinary engineering and the niche technological capabilities

Our Services

Out Standing & Located Work

We support our clients, where they need out-located work-force for a serial / non-serial activities in aerostructures, systems, and equipments, without causing a blocking in the straightforward workflow of a final assembly line.

Maintenance & Logistics

To increase reliability and equipment uptime in a manufacturing environment, TAI Hamburg offers industrial maintenance under Airbus GP-2-216 and performs logistic service in accordance with Airbus GP-1-211. TAI Hamburg ensures the precise delivery of highly sensitive electronic components and servicing and repairing resin transfer molds for higher precision in manufacturing.



Processing and Machining both carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) & metal aerostructure elements with manual and automated systems. As an EN/AS 9100 certified and approved provider of out located work according to Airbus AFM-001-3, with the highly skilled and experienced labor, TAI Hamburg ensures precision and quality at the highest level.

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Julius-Leber-Weg 28 21684 STADE

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