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The Turkish Aerospace Industry

TAI Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Turkish Aerospace Hamburg (TAI Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG), founded in 2007, is an EN 9100/ISO 9001 certified company operating in the aerospace industry with a 6000 square meter facility in Stade. TAI Hamburg embodies the pioneering role of the Turkish aerospace industry in Europe and is a supplier to Airbus for the assembly of A320 rudders as well as for the storage and linefeed logistics of A320, A330 and A350 rudders. In addition, TAI Hamburg provides services for "Outlocated and Outstanding Work" at the main location in Stade, in Northern Germany and in Airbus facilities. In 2023, TAI Hamburg established an engineering department and now offers structural design and analysis services.

Turkish Aerospace

Being one of the first hundred global players in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Turkish Aerospace maintains its unceasing development in the Aerospace Industry. Turkish Aerospace operates in five strategic domains;

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